Someone's actual job is to eat Tim Tams all day

omg 06/04/2017

Update your CV and fire it to Arnott's immediatly, becaue eating Tim Tams all day is the 9 to 5 job that you need in your life.

A women in Sydney can boast that she probably has the world's best job of Tim Tam baker at the Arnotts factory, where she pretty much get's paid to bake the delicious treat, and of course taste test it.

Amy Portelli, from Canley Heights is the lucky baker who described her love for the chocolate biscuit: "I love them so much, when I start eating them I can't stop."

The 23-year baking veteran explains that she has to taste-test the bikkies every half-hour for "quality control".

"Every operator has to check the quality of the biscuit to make sure the crunch of the biscuit is right, that there aren't any missing in the packet... yes we get to eat them whenever we want."

Amy, your job sounds like heaven on earth.