The Creme Egge pizza is the latest Easter trend

omg 07/04/2017

UK company 'Deliveroo' have made waves for their new Creme Egg pizza.

The dessert pizza has been inspired by the classic Fiorentina pizza, but the sweet version has aptly been dubbed the 'The Fior-egg-tina'.

The original pizza is made up of tomato, mozzarella, spinach and egg, while the dessert version consists of sweet lookalikes such as macerated strawberry base, mascarpone and mint, joined by sweet and oozy Creme Eggs complete with a Creme Egg centre.

Photo credit: Deliveroo

‘We know that people love to indulge in chocolate at Easter, and we wanted to come up with a creative way to help." Said Joe Groves from Deliveroo.

There is currently no way to get the pizzas in New Zealand, but there's no reason why you can't try making one of these in your own home using the ingredients above.

Source: Metro