The original 90s Tamagotchi toys are returning

90s 14/04/2017

Nintendo revived the NES, Nokia brought back the 3310 phone, and now, everyone's favourite 1990s toy - the Tamagotchi - will once again grace shop shelves.

To mark its 20th anniversary, the creators are releasing the classic 'digital pet' toy in near-original form, Engadget reports.

The new and improved model of the Tamagotchi is pretty much the same as the original, except for one thing... 

It is at least half the size of the original 1996 model.

You can purchase these new Tamagotchis already from Amazon for approximately $25.80 in New Zealand.

Several versions of the Tamagotchi were released since its 1997 creation, and there are still some for sale on Trade Me, but none quite like the original, with its simple black and white display.

Watch the promo clip in the video above.