The parents' "Tinder" app for baby names

we love 19/04/2017

Even if you're married with kids on the way, you can still have a different sort of fun swiping left and right.

The issue over deciding the right baby name between partners has been solved with a new "Tinder" like app called 'Babyname'.

The app is simple to use for parents. It requires both people to set up and sync their profiles, before they then swipe right (for a yes) or left (for a no) on name suggestions that appear on screen.

If both parents swipe right on a name, it goes onto a shared list of favourite names you've both agreed to.

Each name comes with its meaning and origin, and there are also built-in filters where you can limit your searches, for example, only choosing from French names.

Watch more about this app in the video above.