This is what happens when you let a 3-year-old pack lunch

funny stuff 26/04/2017

Reddit user andyring recently posted a photo of what life with a smart 3-year-old is like, when he let him pack his own lunch for school.

As a parent you need to teach your kids how to look after themselves, but for andyrine, his little guy might need some more time before he can handle the responsibilities of packing a healthy lunch.

The photo he posted captures exactly what a 3-year-old craves at pre-school: A lunch box stacked with cheese balls.

You'd hail him the king of the playground after he unzips his lunch box to reveal that treasure chest of orange balls.

Reddit users were amused by his antics, with xabe13 saying "I see nothing wrong with this," and another called remlu commenting "I’m 42 and I did that last Tuesday. Clearly, the kid is ahead of the game."

While he probably should be having a more balanced lunch, you have to give the kid props for having a mid-day snack on his mind.