Woman outraged after being charged to attend birthday party

omg 28/04/2017

A woman has been left outraged after receiving an invite to a friend's birthday party with a hefty $60 ticketing fee attached.

“We’ve been sent an email party invitation from friends that goes something like this..." the woman wrote.

“Katie and Rob would like to invite you to their joint 40th.

“The price is $60 a person and there will be a cash bar.

“Please RSVP and transfer money by 15th May as we need to pay in advance. Bank details are below. Hope you can make it!”

She then added that the venue of the party was nice, usually there was no venue charge – making her wonder if the couple were getting away without having to pay anything... Or potentially even making a profit!

She wondered if being charged to attend parties was now a 'thing'. 

“I always thought that if you invited guests to a party then you provided food and at least some drink but that it was then OK to ask guests to buy/bring additional drinks…

“I guess if we had been asked if we wanted to join them for dinner in a restaurant I would expect to pay so perhaps I am being unreasonable.”

People were quick to give their feedback. “No way is this a thing," one said, "I’d not go on principle to be honest as I think it’s awful and rude.”

Some were more harsh in their thoughts “OMG my RSVP would say **** you on it and end of friendship!"

But on the other hand, some didn't see what all of the fuss was about “It’s not any different from sending a note round to your friends asking if they’d like to come out for a meal to celebrate your birthday.”

Would you attend a party if you had to pay for it?

Source: The Sun