'Beauty and the Beast' shows what was really filmed before CGI

omg 29/05/2017

It's the magic of computers, and the skill of two very good actors!

Fans loved seeing the world of 'Beauty and the Beast' come to life when the live-action film was released last year. But no one understood what it took to make the film what it is was, aided by motion-capture and CGI.

Recently surfaced footage shows actor Dan Stevens as the Beast wearing a large and puffy motion-capture suit, as he guides Belle (played by Emma Watson) down the castle's staircase.

The motion-capture suit itself, a 20kg grey and padded onesie with marker dots, was also worn with a matching grey cap and a pair of stilts, to give Dan Stevens the height he needed to play the Beast.

What fans are finding just as impressive is that Emma Watson could still perform without breaking character and laughing at the sight he was!

The DVD for Beauty and the Beast will feature more behind-the-scenes footage, expected for release next month.

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