Angry Aucklander blocks traffic with bizarre bus protest

New Zealand 02/05/2017

An irate Auckland man responded in protest when he was running late and could not get on a bus on Tuesday morning.

On Auckland's busy Symond's St, the man sat down in front of the bus, which was just leaving the bus stop outside the Langham Hotel.

"The bus was stopped on Symonds St when a member of the public approached the front of the bus and put both hands on the bus as if to try and push it backwards," Auckland Transport spokesman Mark Hannan says.

"The person then sat in front of the bus for a short time before getting up when police arrived.

"The driver says he did not hear the person shout or speak and didn't recognise him as a passenger."

One passenger, Mark Shields, told Fairfax once the man sat down the bus stopped, everyone got off and the driver called police, who soon arrived and spoke to the man.

Witness Iven Li told Newshub: "I was across the road waiting for my bus and a couple of guys went up to him and said, 'What are you doing? He's going to run you over'.

"The man didn't say anything and the guys went up to the bus driver. There were no passengers on the bus and the whole time the bus driver was sitting there waiting in the bus and at points on the phone."