Doctors stunned after baby walks minutes after being born

omg 30/05/2017

A newborn has defied every parenting manual ever written by walking just minutes after coming into the world - at least nine months earlier than she should have.

The baby, born in a Brazilian hospital, can be seen jogging on the spot while being held up by the arm of a midwife who is totally incredulous at its walking ability.

In Portuguese, the woman can be heard explaining that she has been trying to wash the baby but that it keeps hopping up and attempting to walk - just 20 minutes after exiting the womb.

As the newborn is held up by the midwife, it begins to move forward with its legs. The nurse explained that the baby had already trotted an impressive distance.

The video was posted on social media on Saturday (NZ time), and has already received more than 50 million views.

Newborn babies usually start to walk nine to 12 months into their life, with some taking several months longer. Crawling and saying their first words typically come before then.