This 14kg feline could be the biggest cat in the world

omg 18/05/2017

Omar is three times the size of a normal kitty, and he could be one of the world's longest cats.

The Melbourne maine coon tips the scales at a whopping 14kg, and has become very popular on Instagram after being featured on the 'Cats of Instagram' account.

The current record holder of the longest cat in the world is Ludo, a maine coon from the UK who measured in at 118.33cm long in October 2015.

But the Aussie owners of Omar, who have had him since he was a kitten, believe their three-year-old cat measures about 120 centimetres and may still be growing.

Owner Stephy Hirst says Omar is often cheeky and uses his size to his advantage, but has to be locked out of her bedroom at night because he takes too much room on the bed - leaving him to sleep on the couch.

And Omar isn't the only animal in the house, sharing a space with two sheltie dogs who almost equal Omar's size.