Doing this for your partner will make you a better couple

we love 09/05/2017

A new list from FamilyShare has given some advice on how to make the relationship with your partner stronger and healthier.

Their suggestions are easy to work into your routine and make total sense!

  1. Cuddle them
  2. Don't expect your partner to "owe you" for anything
  3. Bring home dinner
  4. Take the kids out (if you have them)
  5. Listen without fixing things
  6. Compliment them
  7. Ask them on dates often
  8. "Throw chocolate and run" - surprise them with gifts
  9. Let them sleep in
  10. Show appreciation
  11. Work hard for them
  12. Encourage their hobbies
  13. Ask about their day
  14. Open up
  15. Apologise when you need to (and quickly)
  16. Hold their hand
  17. Show respect