Eating lots of cheese might make you live longer

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It's hard not to love cheese, it goes with so many different kinds of food! But scientists now believe they've found a link between eating cheese and living longer.

They note that cheeses including brie, mozzarella, gouda, parmesan, and cheddar are good for the health of your liver meaning it helps to extend your life.

The scientists say that cheese is "able to prevent liver fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, the most common type of liver cancer, developing by stopping damaged cells replicating".

But there is a catch, you'd have to have been eating cheese from a young age to be able to get the benefits

Despite these health benefits, a lot of cheese contains a high amount of sodium so eating in moderation helps. If cheese isn't your thing however, you can get the same health perks from mushrooms, corn, soya, legumes, and wholegrains.

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