Family left frustrated after being charged 'cake-age'

omg 09/05/2017

Most people will happily pay corkage at a BYO restaurant, but this family has been left disappointed after being charged for 'cake-age'.

The family had arranged to have their own cake brought out during their meals to surprise their son for his birthday. The cake was brought out and everyone had a great time... Until the bill came.

The family noticed that they had been charged a 'cake-age' of $15, presumably to cover the costs of cleaning, using the plates and cutlery as well as storage of the cake. They were initially shocked as they hadn't been informed of the extra fee, but then were equally as annoyed by the whole idea of the thing.

"We were pretty gutted," the mum said. "Not because of the $15, but because of the idea of this restaurant making money off of something which seemed so simple."

It's not the first time 'cake-age fees' have come into the spotlight, with more and more restaurants adopting them.

Do you think it's fair for restaurants to charge for cakes supplied by the customers?