John Oliver pokes fun at New Zealand for Eminem court case

funny stuff 09/05/2017

New Zealand politics have been at the centre of a John Oliver roast yet again, with the comedian putting a humorous spin on the copyright stoush between Eminem and the National Party in court this month. 

Oliver kicked off this week's episode of Last Week Tonight with a roast of our country, which he called "home of the planet's most worthless bird".

It's not the first time Oliver has mocked the National Party's legal battle with Eminem, calling it out in 2015 when the legal battle first commenced. 

In this week's episode, Oliver opens the show with the statement: "The ruling party of New Zealand has been at the centre of a ridiculous court case this week." 

He called it "the lamest rap beef since Lil Wayne's five year beef with William H Macy".

Newshub footage was shown of the court listening to the song 'Lose Yourself', which Oliver deemed to be "the greatest thing I've ever seen".