Mum calls out McDonald's to rethink Happy Meal toys

NZ 29/05/2017

A Tokoroa Mum has called for McDonald's to think about the way it distributes its Happy Meal toys.

Imogene Louise posted to McDonald's New Zealand's Facebook page on Saturday afternoon asking why its servers questioned her about whether her ordered Happy Meal was "for a boy or a girl"?

The mum of a 2-year-old girl told McDonald's she didn't appreciate that her child's toy preferences were decided by gender.

"Let me tell you something about my daughter. She loves cars. And trucks. And bikes. And skateboards. And pretty much anything with wheels. LOVES them. I am constantly buying her matchbox cars to play with. I can guarantee if she was given the choice of a toy vehicle or a barbie doll, the vehicle would win 9 times out of 10," she wrote.

"Her preferences are in no way correlated with her gentalia. And I bet that almost every child in New Zealand has a like or dislike that does not fit inside those ridiculous boxes society calls gender."

The post received more than 7,000 reactions and 2000 comments, and led to McDonald's to respond that it would be something that they work on.

"We agree that children should be free to have an interest in whatever toys they like, regardless of their gender. We realise that how our Happy Meal toys are identified may not be supportive of this."

Is it time to get rid of the gendered toys for kids fast food meals?