Mum teaches kids a lesson with fake government letter

omg 03/05/2017

This crafty Australian mother decided to teach her kids a lesson after they disobeyed a household rule - talking to strangers online.

'So last night my adorable innocent daughter just after her iPad time came to a close for the night and we kissed her good night, minutes later she came downstairs balling her eyes out,' Ms Samad wrote on Facebook. 

'She soon confessed to breaking the home online rule of chatting with random people on line in the gaming world. We have a no chat rule and she begged me to ground her as she was wrong and so sorry for breaking the house rules.

'It got me thinking, ok... I ground her, confiscate the iPad but really no lesson is learnt.'

'The letter is just a reminder, deterrence and possibly freak the crap out of her for a few years (I hope),' Ms Samad continued.

'The response when I gave her and her brother the letter was exactly what I was aiming for.'

The mother has also urged other parents to be more active in their kids lives, esspecially when it comes to online activity.

'Watch what they are doing, let them make mistakes with you and be okay to discuss those awkward subjects that make your stomach squirm,' she said. 

'A reminder to all of us to watch what our children do online, be the helicopter parent, observe their behavior, be open with discussion even if it's so uncomfortable and beyond their years of understanding.'  

Source: DailyMail