Night owls should start work later according to new research

we love 24/05/2017

Most people belong in one of two camps, the earlier risers and the night owls. The earlier risers tend to get to work early but crash in the afternoon, while the night owls struggle to get to work on time but work through til late.

A new study by the University of Sydney looked into “chronotypes” (the scientific name for a body clock) of people in different occupations.

The researchers found that early risers produced better quality work when they could work within hours that better suited their body clock, likewise for night owls.

The researchers urged bosses to take their individual workers habits into account and to be more flexible with their working conditions.

“These physiological differences matter a lot in the work context and we have to understand how it affects teams,” a researcher told the Sydney Morning Herald. When people are different, it can be positive or negative depending on the specific task they are performing. If members of a surgical team are different chronotypes, that is not ideal.”

"By studying what is known from the medical and biological sciences about the functioning of the human body, I believe we can improve employees' performance in a myriad of ways including, but not limited to, workplace safety and effective team work," he said.

Source: Independent