NZ Police take on bullies in new 'mean tweets' video

NZ 23/05/2017

The New Zealand Police is tackling the modern version of bullying in a modern way, taking down the haters in a Jimmy Kimmel-esque video.

In the video, posted to its Facebook page on Monday, various officers read out some of the nasty tweets which have been sent to the NZ Police Twitter account.

The video was released as part of Bullying Free NZ week and creator Simon Flagan hopes it will get people thinking about the serious issue of cyberbullying.

Mr Flanagan is the senior social media advisor for NZ Police and told Newshub while for them, good messages far outweigh the mean, they wanted to raise awareness for Bullying Free NZ week.

"[The video] has obviously a serious prevention message, because a large amount of bullying these days is obviously cyber bullying, with social media messages etcetera etcetera," he said.

"If you can make people laugh and at the same time spread a message about anti-bullying, it's a win."