People criticised for their 'extremely stupid' parenting hack

omg 24/05/2017

No doubt you've had a go a 'life hack' at one point in your life, but this couple has received huge backlash online for their attempt at a parenting hack.

To help get their baby to sleep, the parents put their sleeping baby in a bouncer, and attached a thick rubber band to a KitchenAid mixer. As the mixer rotates, the bouncer goes up and down...

Many parent's detailed graphic stories of how people they knew had been involved in horrific accidents by using similar (but more industrial) machinery - many resulting in serious injuries. The accidents mentioned did happen to adults, but were disturbing enough for people to encourage the parent's to abort their hack as soon as possible.

But not everyone was as worried about the hack...

"The hand or leg would get swatted away before it threads itself through the paddle." said one Dad.

"One dad even joked, 'As a new dad I still wouldn't trust it. Needs a fidget spinner or two to guarantee safety.'

Source: GoodToKnow