Procrastinating might be good for your mental health

we love 04/05/2017

Sometimes life feels like it just gets busier and busier, it can be easy to feel slip into a feeling of guilt when you waste time while your to-do list is a mile long.

But psychologist Michael Guttridge thinks that procrastinating may not actually be as bad for you as it feels at the time. He says that “there’s an idea we must always be available, work all the time,”  but he thinks that taking more time out to do things that are often seen as 'time wasting' could be hugely beneficial for your mental health. He encourages people to spend less time worrying about the list of jobs and spend more time watching your favourite TV show, reading a book or going for a walk.

He believes that when we spend too much time working, it can actually be counter productive. Working too much can make us more stressed, causing us to take longer on tasks we'd normally do quickly.

“Wasting time is about recharging your battery and de-cluttering,” Guttridge added.

If you're feeling stressed out today, maybe take some out to yourself!

Source: Hello Giggles