School choir accused for cheating on Britain's Got Talent

omg 31/05/2017

Britain’s Got Talent has been hit with claims of cheating after a technical difficulty left audiences suspicious. 

During the first semi finals, which is recorded live on TV, the Irish schoolchildren of St Patrick’s Junior Choir Drumgreenagh were the first act to perform - but the performance didn't start as planned.

As the choir stood on stage, ready to sing their rendition of Katy Perry's Roar, the Talent hosts Ant and Dec had to jump on stage and explain there were backing track "technical difficulties".

"Just a couple of technical issues... The first act of the semi-finals."

But as they were trying to explain, pre-recorded voices began to play, which left viewers questioning if they were legitimately singing, or miming their performance.

A spokesperson for the TV talent show told The Sun Online: “A technical glitch meant that the wrong song was played at the start of St Patrick’s Junior Choir performance as well as some vocals recorded during a rehearsal from them.

"The choir did not mime and we are very proud of their performance.”

Despite the explanation, many fans feel this could be a potential cover-up...

See how the performance finally did go in the video below: