Two strangers come together to wow with 'Hallelujah' cover

we love 04/05/2017

A video of a singer who joined in with a street busker to perform a moving rendition of 'Hallelujah' has gone viral. 

UK woman Jade Helliwell was on a night out in Leeds with friends, before she approached busker Dawid Osial, The Daily Mail reports. 

The 25-year-old musician asked him if she could join in on the song 'Hallelujah', and ended up stunning the surrounding crowds with her voice.  

In the video, people gathered around can at first be heard laughing and jeering, but quieten down to listen once they hear her incredible voice. 

The surprise performance received a huge round of applause from passers by. 

Video of the performance was shared online and received 6.7 million views. Commenters are calling for the pair to enter television talent contest Britain's Got Talent together.