Wife fuming after husband gets wedding invite & she doesn't

omg 17/05/2017

A wife has divided opinion after taking to the internet forum Mumsnet after she missed out on an invite to a friends wedding.

The wife was mainly upset due to the fact that her husband was invited to the wedding when she wasn't. She assumed that since the couple knew they were married, that their invite would automatically be for 2, but that wasn't the case.

She asked the forum if it was fair for her to feel angry...

'That's a really odd thing to do.' one person wrote in support. 'You are married. Its not like they invited him out for a few drinks down the pub, its a wedding.'

Another agreed saying 'My husband just said he would consider it incredibly rude too and although he would stop short of asking why I wasn't invited, he would not attend.'

But not everyone saw it from the same side...

'To me, it's not any different to her husband going to a concert with his mates, or a weekend bender with a group of his friends.' argued one person.

'I hate all this "we're a unit, we're a double act, we come as one" stuff, I do lots without my partner and we've both attended weddings without each other. It's perfectly fine.'

Do you think the wife should've been invited?

Source: DailyMail