Wife rages after Husband steals their daughter's Fidget Spinner

omg 25/05/2017

A furious wife has taken to the internet to vent her frustrations with her husband after he stole their daughter's Fidget Spinner.

One day her husband (who works as a teacher) took his daughter's Fidget Spinner with him to work leaving his wife and daughter confused as to where it was.

“We started giving her pocket money so she could save for one. After three weeks she had enough." the mum wrote.

“My husband ordered her one from ebay (dunno why he didnt just take her to a shop to buy one but hey ho). It took the best part of a week to arrive."

“Arrived yesterday. She had a play with it before bed. This morning she got up and after breakfast and getting dressed went to get her fidget spinner."

“It wasnt where we left it so had a scout round – no sign. I text my husband (he had left for work 10 mins prior to her asking) and he had taken it.”

She was absolutely livid that he had chosen to take it to work without asking.

“It’s her toy," she continued "which she saved for and waited a week on top of that for – and day one he has taken it to work with him. Without asking her. Im all for these things being used as a concentration tool etc but ***!! It’s not his!”

“I’m the one left to console her. I mean, it’s a fidget spinner, so she will get over it, but at the moment this is a big deal. How ****ing selfish."

Many people showed their support for the mum, branding her husband as 'selfish'.

“That is pretty selfish, why didn't he buy two if he wanted one? Your daughter has saved up for it, her reward is to play with it!”

Another called it “quite a mean thing to do”. 

But some didn't see it as a big issue stating “is it only me, it is one of those silly fad things? The father was wrong but does the action really warrant the comments above, there is worse going on in the world.”

Do you think it was fair for the father to take the Fidget Spinner for the day?

Source: The Sun