Bride organises best friend's proposal at her own wedding

we love 09/06/2017

A wedding photographer has captured the heart-warming moment a bridesmaid realised the bride had helped to set up her proposal at the bride's own wedding!

She did it as a way to say thanks to her bridesmaid for all of the hours of work she had put in to making her wedding day so special.

The photographer shared the image online where it's been shared thousands of times.

"One of the most beautiful and unselfish things I've ever witnessed shooting weddings..." the photographer wrote.

"Leading up to the wedding Jessica's bridesmaid and best friend (also Jess) worked tirelessly to ensure the preparations and wedding day were perfect.

To show her appreciation the bride decided to share her special day with her friend, coordinating the proposal with Jess' boyfriend. Instead of throwing the bouquet, the bride spun around and walked over to her best friend. Everything froze as she said "Jess... turn around..."