Bridesmaids outraged over the 'most expensive hens night ever'

omg 21/06/2017

Weddings are often costly, especially when there are so many people involved. But this Maid of Honour has been criticised for her ‘over the top’ Hens night she has planned.

The Maid of Honour has planned an elaborate trip (including 2 nights accom) for the party, each bridesmaid is required to cough up $500 which will then be used to pay for all of the activities, accommodation and the brides share of the trip.

She’s run into trouble though, the other bridesmaids aren’t being too forth coming with their cash. She took to Mumsnet to ask the internet for advice...

"I sent them an initial email with a payment request on Friday afternoon. A few got back to me saying they'd pay me on the weekend, but I haven't yet received payment from them," she wrote.

"I sent out another follow-up payment request email this morning [Monday]. In total, I've only been paid by one person."

She then admitted that she is currently unemployed but was still managing her own funds to find a way to make it happen for the bride.

“The bride has quite high expectations,” she continued. “She's having a wedding in the UK and a wedding abroad.”

She concluded by asking the following questions...

“a) Am I being unreasonable to ask people to pay this?

b) How do I get people to pay?

c) Can I pull off organising the hen do?”

Responses were mixed, some people gasped at the price while others thought that the bridesmaids needed to pull out all the stops for the bride.

“If it were me I'd balk at that cost, sorry. Is there no way that people can pick and choose what bits they go to based on what they could afford?” questioned one person

Someone else suggested that the lack of replies were not a good sign… “Silence probably means a lot of people are reconsidering going because of the cost.”

One user said they were ‘appalled’ that the others wouldn’t pay and even suggested that they ‘pull their heads in!’

Source: Mumsnet