Dog goes shopping every day and retrieves his own bag of food

funny stuff 27/06/2017

Giving a new meaning to the word ‘fetch’!

A happy canine from Brazil by the name of Pituco goes to the shop by himself each day to collect his food.

“Everybody knows Pituco,” Agro Pet shop’s vet told The Dodo. “His food is on the top shelf, so we have to hand it to him. He barks until we do.”

As soon as Pituco gets his food, he simply heads home. But of course, the shop doesn’t just give the food for free, as anything this happy pup grabs gets put on a tab for his human to pay.

But it’s not just his own food that he’ll grab. When his owners call the shop to place an order for cat food or birdseed, Pituco will happily fetch it from the shop and bring the gifts back to his fellow animal companions.

The video of Pituco fetching his food has received millions of views online.