Eating chips is linked with a higher risk of death

omg 13/06/2017

Your favourite fried potato is linked to a shorter life span!

While most know that eating too many hot chips can be bad for your health, a new study has found eating fried potatoes twice a week will increase your risk of death.

A study, published in the 'American Journal of Clinical Nutrition', looked at the potato consumption in 4,400 people over eight years.

While eating potatoes overall didn't increase a person's risk of death, the type of potato had a significant factor.

French Fries, fried potatoes and hashbrowns at least twice a week more than doubled the risk of death.

But eating unfried versions, such as potato salad, boiled, baked or mashed potatoes, was not linked.

The researchers wrote unfried white potatoes had a healthy amount of fibre, vitamins and micronutrients - but fried potatoes have lots of fat and added salt.

Everything in moderation!