Jessica Simpson criticised for allowing her son to have long hair

omg 27/06/2017

Jessica Simpson has been criticised by her social media followers for her latest post on Instagram, after she uploaded a photo of her son, Ace, who just so happens to have long hair.

The beautiful mum loves to post photos of her adorable kids, with the photo in question snapped at a recent baseball game.

Fans commented on the length of Ace's hair, suggesting that his blonde locks were too long and needed to be cut.

Many people commented that Ace's hair was "ridiculous" and asked Jessica to cut it.

One person said, "please cut the hair!!!!!", as did another, "that is so ridiculous. Cut that kids hair!"

With another agreeing, 'Ace is cute. But he needs a haircut.'

One follower felt that Ace should have his own identity and not look similar to his sister, 'Ace is a boy. He is SO cute, but he should not look just like his sister, who is also SO cute. Please give him the perfect little boy's haircut!'

There were others who jumped to Simpson's defence, one saying that "he is a child! Long or short hair it doesn't matter! Stop judging kids this is why the world is so messed up because of NEGATIVE!"

Another said, "maybe he doesn't want his hair cut. It's no ones right to tell her or him how to look. I remember people telling Kate Hudson to cut her sons hair, her son wanted it long, so she let him express himself how he wanted."

Is this even a case as to whether Ace should be 'allowed' to have long hair or not, and are people just overreacting?

If the kid is happy, healthy and loved, why should anyone care about his hair?