Looking at cute animals pics could make your love life better says new study

we love 27/06/2017

Have you lost that butterfly feeling you use to get when looking at your partner?

Apparently, it's the same type of feeling you get when you look at cute and adorable pictures of animals, with scientist now claiming it can be the key to a happy relationship.

According to a new study published in Psychological Science, researchers have found that when people view happy stimulus – such as pictures of kittens and piglets – alongside photos of their long-term partner, they see that partner in a more positive light.

They gathered 144 married couples under forty who had been married for less than five years, tested them on their relationship satisfaction and had attitudes towards their partner measured.

These couples were split, with some tested in the control group and being shown regular photos, and the rest tested with cute photos of animals.

Every three days for six weeks couples looked at these photos before being quizzed on their attitudes towards their partner every two weeks for eight week.

The tests revealed that the couples who looked at cute animals alongside their partner’s face gave positive reactions to their partner throughout the test, compared to those who just checked them out along with the neutral pictures.

In the end the study found that viewing positive images was associated with improved marriage satisfaction overall.

So apparently throwing a few cute animal pictures up on the mantle will do wonders for your love life, or maybe it won't. We'll let you decide on that.