Man 'proposes' to his girlfriend's daughter moments after asking her to marry him

we love 27/06/2017

26-year-old Grant Tribbett, from Indiana, recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend Cassandra Lynn, which was beautifully captured by photographer friend Mandi Gilliland.

I finally get a daddy, mommy. I FINALLY GET A DADDY!

Cassandra also has a 5-year-old daughter named Adrianna Rose, who Grant loves to peices, so it was only fitting that his two special girls were welcomed into his life together. finally get a daddy, mommy. I FINALLY GET A DADDY!

The heartwarming moment he dropped on one knee to propose to Cassandra (of course she said YES) was followed by Grant turining to Adrianna Rose, asking her if she would be his daughter.

He pulled out a small jewellery box and asked her: ‘Adrianna, can I be your daddy, to promise to love and protect you forever?’

Cassandra said that at first Adrianna said ‘thank you’, before Grant asked: ‘Was that a yes or no, sweetheart?’

It was then that Adrianna gave the most amazing reply, Cassandra says: ‘She said YES and then screamed, 'I finally get a daddy, mommy. I FINALLY GET A DADDY!'"

Grant knew what he was committing to, saying ‘I knew proposing to Cassandra meant that I also would be committing to a lifetime of fatherhood... So I wanted to include Adrianna because the two are truly a package deal."

"I wanted to make it special for her. It was a very emotional moment for all of us."

We're so happy for the new family!