Mother of the groom accused of upstaging the bride in this sparkly floor length dress

omg 30/06/2017

A mother in law to be has been accused of attempting to upstage the bride on her wedding day by wearing a floor length silver sparkly dress.

The mother in law bought the dress online and wrote in the 'review' section how much she loved the dress and mentioned that she had worn it to her son's wedding. She added that she was inundated with compliments.

But people were quick to criticise the Mother in law, saying she never should have chosen such an extravagant gown.

“It’s alright if you potentially want to look like the bride or a bridesmaid!" one person wrote.

“I think if you wore that to someone else’s wedding, let alone your adult son’s, you would look like a right attention seeking ****” added another.

“It could clash with a bridal outfit depending on the type of dress the bride wore, unless I knew for certain that the bride was OK with it, I wouldn’t risk it personally.”

But some saw the situation differently, opting to stick up for the bride...

“That dress is perfectly appropriate. I imagine that the bride will be in, y’know, a wedding dress.”

“Am I missing something?" asked one user "It’s gorgeous! Not all mothers of grooms are drab old women.”

What do you think, is this dress too extravagant to wear to a wedding?

Photo credit: The Sun | John Lewis
Photo credit: The Sun | John Lewis

Source: The Sun