Mum criticised for being too harsh with her new set of 'house rules'

omg 26/06/2017

A mum has been criticised after sharing a new set of house rules she is implementing with her teen daughter.

She left the new rules stuck on to her daughter's bedroom door and informed her of the change in policy. The mum says that ever since her daughter got her own drivers licence her behaviour had gotten worse and worse.

The rules are as follows...

Photo credit: Facebook | Sunshine Coast Daily

She concluded the note by adding "PS. No, we are not kicking you out of home, this will be your choice for not following these simple rules."

The response to her approach has been mixed, one 18 year said "I would honestly hate my parents if they spoke to me like that."

Another mother also showed signs of disgreement "I honestly think this is way to harsh. She is 18, she should be able to live a little."

"Wow Mum is going to get a poor rating on trip adviser! Worst hotel ever!" someone else joked.

But others were more supportive... "Wonderful parents - keep up the good work. Also do not give in, and make sure you follow up what you say." 

"I'm 100% with the parents doing some parenting !!! Parents' job is to keep them safe and prepare them for life in the real world ... not pander to them while hiding behind the cowardly excuse of 'being their best friend." added another.

Do you think the Mum was too harsh on the teen?

Source: Sunshine Coast Daily