Mum goes viral for the hilarious reminders she leaves on the toilet

funny stuff 08/06/2017

A mum has gone viral for the hilarious reminders she has left on and around the household toilet for the boys in her life.

She uploaded a picture of the notes which has since been shared over 100,000 times!

People have praised the mum for her notes, with one person even going as far as saying "make these laminated, with a adhesive base on the back, and I am sure any woman that lives with men will buy these!!!!"

Someone else opened up about a similar experience they had on holiday once. "My two brothers and I (8-11 years old) stayed with an aunt for a week one summer. She only had one child, a girl. After two days there she informed the three of us that we had to sit to pee or go outside on a tree."

But one person really hit the nail on the head, sarcastically adding "Honestly, your message is still a little unclear. What do you want them to do?"