Mum pays $25000 to become a real life Barbie doll

omg 21/06/2017

A 46-year-old single mother from the UK has spent a whopping £20,000 (NZ$25,000) on various procedures trying to emulate the look of the doll range she's obsessed with, Barbie.

Rachel Evans, who previously guest starred in TV show Celebrity Botched Up Bodies, is set to return to the small screen in OMG: My Barbie Body.

She's undergone breast augmentation, a nose job, lip fillers, jaw tightening, cheek augmentation and an eye lift in her quest to look like Barbie - even having her mouth operated on so she can't frown.

"I feel like Barbie, I think like Barbie and I am Barbie. I think me and Barbie are the same person. I am a human doll," says Evans.

"I know I am a genuine Barbie figure in my heart, my soul and my personality, and the outside. I am confident to think that's real, that's me... I feel like I'm a work of art and I'm in control. If people think that I'm crazy they're entitled to their opinion."

Evans shares insights into her lifestyle on her YouTube channel, including make-up tutorials for fans wanting to copy her look without going under the knife.

OMG: My Barbie Body features other extreme Barbie fans and screens in the UK on June 25 (local time).