Mum's first birthday baking for baby becomes very inappropriate

funny stuff 01/06/2017

A baby's first birthday is an exciting occasion. And while the baby won't be old enough to know what's going on - it's fun to make an event out of it!

So one mum laboured to bake some deliciously themed snacks for her one year old's birthday.

But what came out of the oven looked less like 'first birthday' and more like 'bachelorette party'.

The proud husband shared to Reddit his wife's baked goods - and it definitely was interpreted very differently to those with a slightly dirty mind...

"My wife made "1" cookies for our 1 year olds birthday.. I don't think they came out right," wrote Portugalpaul on Reddit.

Technically, they do still look like the number 1. Just not a well-shaped 1.

While it's unclear if the actually served the cookies, kids would be none the wiser while adults will have something to laugh about!