Mum tricks husband into housework by pretending to breastfeed

funny stuff 13/06/2017

A mum has gone viral after tricking her husband into housework by pretending to breast feed. She took to the internet to tell the story...

“Seth’s such a good boy – he’s very content and rarely cries,” she said.

“But on this occasion, we’d been out all day and he had been playing up.

“Matt said the shopping would be there soon and I should get on with quietly settling the baby.

“Seth wanted to feed then fell straight asleep after that.

“As he drifted off, I heard the truck pulling up and I just thought I wouldn’t bother putting him down and just pretend he was still feeding.

“When I glanced over into the kitchen, I could see Matt was happily working through all the bags putting everything away.

“I usually do all the housework so this was a bit of payback.

“Seth just wanted a very convenient feed and I was fine with that.

She did eventually open up to her husband however, “I eventually told Matt and he thought it was hilarious.

“He said he’s going to keep one eye open in the future in case I try and get out of it next time.

Photo credit: Mercury Press
Photo credit: Mercury Press

Source: The Sun