New Wonder Woman film already inspiring young girls

we love 07/06/2017

The big-screen debut of Wonder Woman is a huge success at the box office, but photos of young girls attending the film in costume illustrate a success that money simply can't buy.

Patty Jenkins' film pulled in US$103 million at the North American box office on opening weekend, helping its global haul rise to a mammoth NZ$319 million so far.

Wonder Woman is being heralded as a positive step in the right direction for Hollywood, as the first female-directed superhero film with a female lead star.

Its success will hopefully mean the film industry's gender imbalance will be less egregious in the future - but right now, there's a more immediate positive result to enjoy.

Fans and some celebrities have taken to social media to share photos of their daughters dressed up as Wonder Woman, in celebration of seeing the heroine on the big screen.

Try not to tear up as you scroll through these heart-warming examples:

Source: Newshub