People are losing it over this new deodorant that smells like wine

omg 29/06/2017

Most people love the odd glass of wine, but apparantly some people love it enough to wear the smell of it all day long!

Normally the smell of alcohol is sign you've maybe had one or two too many, but Native (a natural deodorant brand) has created a trio of 'brunch scented' deodorants which include sangria, mimosa and a rosé wine flavour.

Despite the high level of criticism, Native's deodorants have completely sold out and there is now an online waiting list for them! The trio are currently selling for around $40 NZD.

In a recent poll by Metro, around 70% of people said they 'Absolutely not' buy or wear the deodorant for fear they may 'smell like a bad night out.'

Source: Metro