Police stage fake checkpoint to help man propose to his girlfriend

we love 23/06/2017

A pair of South Australia policemen have helped an Adelaide dentist pop the question by staging a phony traffic stop.

The dentist, Michael Yuan, had been going out with his partner for six years and organised the cheeky proposal with one of his nurses' brothers, who works at South Australia Police.

Footage of the romantic moment shows one of the officers speaking to Mr Yuan's girlfriend Katie in a bid to distract her as her beau gets down on one knee in preparation to ask if she'll marry him.

"We're just doing some checks on the vehicle, so I'll just get you to hop out of the vehicle for me," the officer can be heard telling her, as uplifting music plays in the background.

After being asked what her relationship with Mr Yuan was, Katie was told he wouldn't "be in too much trouble" - but the policeman later retracted that remark, saying Mr Yuan may well be "in a lifetime of trouble".

He then told Katie to turn around, where Mr Yuan had perched on one knee, engagement ring in hand.

She spends a few seconds in total disbelief, coming to terms with what had just happened, before answering with "yes" and a cuddle.

The pair then posed for a photo with the cops, and later revealed they planned to get married in December this year.