Professional blind chef shows how she cooks in the kitchen

omg 05/06/2017

American Masterchef winner Christine Ha is a best selling author, a TV host, and a cooking instructor.

But what you may not know about her is that she's also blind.

Christine has a rare autoimmune disease that attacked her spinal cord and optic nerve, and made her lose her vision while she was in her 20s.

She compares her vision loss to "looking at a very foggy mirror after a hot shower," and after her diagnosis, she thought she'd have to give up cooking.

But instead, she decided to try and learn while relying on her other senses, and also by memorising the layout of her kitchen.

"It's like any other challenge in life; you just face it head on and hope for the best."

In her most requested video, she's shows people how she prepares a weeknight meal, red snapper steamed with black bean sauce and Sichuan green beans - all while wearing a GoPro on her head.