School Girl writes 6 page essay to convince her parents to get a cat

we love 27/06/2017

Romesa is 11-years-old and the one thing she wants at the moment more than anything is a cat.

I just really want a cat because it would change my life.

She's been hassling her mum about getting a cat with her big sister Rimsha for a while now, but she recently went away to college – never realising her dream.

Determined not live out her next 7 years at home catless just like her sister, Romesa devised a plan to get a cat. Writing a 6 page essay titled, "Why I would love a cat, Benefits of cats, and fixing problems".

Her sister posted the report on Twitter which has since gone viral.

The report is top notch too, covering topics such as, cats can warn you about seizures, they're great for kids and she even said that having a cat would reduce her reliance on electronics. Nice play!

Unfortunately for Romesa, she still couldn't convince her parents to get her a cat, even after writing a report and going viral on the internet.

Geez, if that doesn't score you a cat she may never get one.