Teen’s father dies, but leaves him a special birthday gift

we love 19/06/2017

It was his first birthday without his dad, but Johnny’s father was still celebrating with him.

The 16-year-old’s father sadly died after suffering a heart attack, but he had already bought the perfect sweet sixteen present.

On his birthday, Johnny and his mum went to the music store where the staff handed him a card from his dad.

They then brought out the gift for him, which left him in tears.

"About a month ago I dropped Johnny off at his guitar lesson, and one of the amazing instructors told me there was something I should see," she said on Facebook.

"When she showed me I just dropped to my knees, I just couldn't believe it.

"But I had to keep it a secret until his birthday.

"So this morning I woke up and picked up my brother from school and blindfolded him.

"Drove him to the music centre and this is the outcome."