The world is running out of Camembert cheese

omg 22/06/2017

What is happening to the world's best cheese?

Bloomberg is reporting that cheeseboard favourite Camembert cheese could soon be a thing of the past. 

More than 360 million wheels of Camembert are produced each year, but only just one percent are the accurately PDO (French Protected Designations of Origin) certified Camembert cheese.

According to Bloomberg, a PDO Camembert de Normandie "must be made with unfiltered raw milk with a fat content of at least 38 percent that comes from cows from France’s northern Normandy province, fed under strict conditions—grass and hay from local pastures. The milk must be hand-ladled in four or more layers into specific molds. Milk is transported no farther than the distance that cows can slowly dawdle in search of a fresh blade of grass."

So with small cheese-making farms being bought out by larger companies rushing production - the raw milk is being swapped for pasteurised (and anything else that will be faster), which makes them "inauthentic".

Which means the Camembert you're picking up from the supermarket is probably not the real deal.

But it's still delicious.