This dad got Ellen to wish his son a Happy Birthday to prove a bully wrong

we love 03/07/2017

Dads are great. They always have your back and will try their hardest to make you feel like royalty, even when you're going through a rough patch.

A dad from the UK named Christopher recently went viral on Twitter after asking celebrities to wish his son a Happy 9th Birthday.

His son has been hassled recently by a bully who told him that everything, including his birthday, that happens to him wouldn't be as great as the bullies life.

It's comments like these that would really hit a 9-year-old hard, so when dad Christopher thought a few celebrities wishing his boy a happy birthday would cheer him up, he had another thing coming.

Not only did a wealth of celebrities respond but it seems half of Twitter rallied behind them, with plenty of notable names getting right behind the cause.

Ellen DeGeneres responded to Christopher and his son, saying "anyone who tells you that you aren't good enough is just plain wrong. #BeKind," with the list of celebrity support not stopping.

Star Wars' very own Luke Skywalker sent Ollie a great message.

A couple famouse folk from down under chimed in with there own messages too.

Throw in a few astronauts.

And top it off with a Simpsons cartoonist!

Looks like Ollie would have loved this awesome present from his dad. We know we would!