This pregnant dog totally rocks her maternity photoshoot

we love 29/06/2017

Fusee is an eight week pregnant pooch who's owner, Elsa, loves her to bits.

With the pregnancy going along well and Fusee the pooch absolutely glowing, Elsa thought it would be a great idea to celebrate Fusee with her own photoshoot, fit for a star.

And we gotta give props to the photographer because the end result was pretty special.

‘I wanted to do a maternity photoshoot because she is so photogenic,’ Elsa told

‘I just thought it would be a good memory to save.'

Elsa shared the pics to Twitter, where they picked up 50,000 retweets, and just two days after she posted the tweet, Fusee gave birth to eight healthy puppies.

Congrats, Fusee! We look forward to the newborn shoot!