29 year old barber brings town together to celebrate lonely man’s 100th birthday

we love 21/07/2017

A 29 year old barber has surprised a 100 year old client for his birthday. Jack recently celebrated his 100th birthday but sadly doesn't have any family around to celebrate with him, so Graham his barber went on a mission to make Jack's day!

"So as many of you will know by now, its my oldest customer, Jack's 100th birthday today... Originally I posted on facebook if anyone could make him a special cake for him... that turned into anyone wanted to bring him a birthday card, could pop them into my shop for me to give him! Absolutely buzzing that he got nearly 100 cards from all over the place... It goes to show that people aren't all bad after all!"

‘I try to keep an eye out for him and make sure he’s okay whenever I can,’ Graham told Metro.co.uk.

‘I was nervous about taking all the cards and gifts round as he is quite a quiet chap, never asks for a thing but I’m pleased to say he was made up!’

What a kind and thoughtful thing to do for someone else!

Source: Metro