8 Ordinary Kiwis come together to share their incredible stories in new viral ad

we love 18/07/2017

A new advert for Vogel's bread has gone viral, gaining thousands of views online in just a few days.

The ad, created to mark Vogel's 50th Birthday, has 8 ordinary Kiwis coming together around the table for breakfast. None of them know each other but each of them has their own unique and extraordinary story.

Each person at the table is given a plate with their story written on it and watching each person's reaction around the group is truly eye opening.

The ad has been a huge success with Kiwis, with many showing their support online.

"Probably the only advert that I can honestly say has bought tears to my eyes... Just shows that we are all special in different ways that are often unexpected." Wrote Gabriella

"What an inspiring commercial. I know I judge, and am myself judged, everyday. But we're all kiwis, and everyone has a story worth telling." Added Alisi.