Adorable kitten rescued by firefighter lands dream job at the station

we love 17/07/2017

2 years ago ago a stray cat (now named 'Flame') wandered in to a firestation in the US. Flame was weak and malnourished, so the fire fighters took him in and made him the station pet! Flame spends all of his time at the station now and some adorable pics of him in uniform have gone viral.

Fire fighter Jordan recently spoke out about how Flame got to where he is today...

"I looked out into the grass and Flame was there. He was really young and skinny and looked like he had barely eaten."


"He was timid and scared so I spent time trying to gain his trust."

Photo credit: SWNS |

"He looked as though he hadn’t eaten so we raided the kitchen and found some fried chicken. He instantly ate every little piece."


"The next morning we came out and he was still there. He was there every day after that."

Photo credit: SWNS |

"Flame is the most relaxed cat ever," says Jordan.


"He gravitates towards the guys. When we go out he is right there in the bay, waiting. He helps everyone de-stress."

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"We get back and sit down to catch our breath and he comes and before you know it you are petting him and holding him and playing with him."


"We are working long, stressful shifts and it is nice to take your mind off things."

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"All the guys here really take part in taking care of him. It gets your mind off the stresses of the job. He is very much part of the family."