America's Got Talent pay tribute to contestant who died

we love 13/07/2017

America's Got Talent has screened the successful audition of Brandon Rogers, who died in a car crash on June 11 after filming his audition.

The show screened the audition alongside the tribute: "Thank you for sharing your talent."

Rogers had auditioned with the song 'Ribbon in the Sky' by Stevie Wonder.

The song earned him a standing ovation, a yes from each judge, and praise from notoriously harsh critic Simon Cowell.

"Your vocal work is stunning. You are one of the best singers we've had in the competition so far," Cowell told him.

Rogers was a doctor of family medicine, and it was at the request of his family that the audition was still screened by the TV show.

His audition was the final part of the show that night, which had previously seen acts from comics, daredevils and acrobats.